Interview  and Consultation: During your interview, we take the time to get to know who you are and what you are looking for in your mate.

Relationship Coaching: Ms. Cowan will provide the tools  you will need to allow your relationship to flourish.

Mock Dating:  You will have an opportunity to go on a mock date, which will allow us to observe you and sharpen your dating skills. 

Full Service Concierge:  We are here to make this part of your life easier. No matter how lavish or nontraditional your requests are for your first date, Cowan Introductions concierge will arrange and manage every aspect of the initial introduction. Every detail is meticulously planned including transportation, location, reservations, and special requests. This service can extend beyond the first date depending on your package.

Image Consulting:  Enjoy an in-person  consultation with our stylist who will ensure you dress and feel your best when you meet that special someone.


Certifications: IAPCC: Matchmaking, ANSI/IACET 1-2007 Standard: Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Nutrition and Weight Loss Management

Professional Memberships:

International Association of Professional Matchmakers

International Association of Professional Life Coaches

International Association of Women Small Business Owners

Winning with Green!

The state of the environment is a cause that is near and dear to Cowan Introductions. It affects all aspects of our lives. We are aware that giving back is important to one's balance and growth. When you become a client, a portion of your fee will be donated to the Urban Green Council of New York. Ms. Cowan is currently a member of Green America, World Organization, Green Peace, Environment New York and Green Business Association.



Cowan Introductions is an upscale matchmaking company catering to the most elite and eligible bachelors in New York City and beyond. Like you, we believe it is wise to consult a professional when it comes to matters of the heart.

Ms. Cowan was once a client for a very high-end matchmaking company, and did not receive the service she deserved as a paying client. They did not listen to her needs and what she envisioned for herself in a relationship. She walked away extremely disappointed and frustrated. It was clear that the high volume environment, which is common in traditional matchmaking agencies, could not offer her the personalized service that is needed when connecting two people together.

That experience provided many lessons for Ms. Cowan and sparked her interest in matchmaking. She is now committed to providing exceptional customer service deserving of her elite clientele. Ms. Cowan takes pride in making sure every single client feels satisfied and important, because they are.

"No matter how much my company continues to grow, I want every client to know how committed I am to finding the love of their life." Ms. Cowan 

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